NSL FOODS Co., Ltd.,

NSL is a manufacturer and distributor of bakery products and snacks for both our partners and for sale under our own brands. NSL products can be found at 7-11 stores (a CPALL brand) under the brand names “Ezy Taste”, “Ezy Sweet”, “Ezy Bake”, and “7 Fresh”. NSL also sells products such as the snacks, bakery, dessert and other food under our own brands “KhowThang or Rice bar by NSL” “Pangtai” “Natural Bite” “NSL Bakery” “NSL Selection” and etc. These products are distributed through various points of sale, including both Modern Trade (MT) such as convenient stores, supermarkets, wholesalers, hypermarkets, Cash and Carry as well as Traiditonal Trade (TT) such as markets, grocery stores, and gift shops.
NSL also operates Food Services business such as meat processing (fish scaling, fillet and packing into different ready-to-use packagings). These products are distributed to restaurants, hotels, catering services and international schools (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering: HoReCa) as well as other MT distribution channels.


Business Registration Numbers:


Registered Capital:

300,000,000 BAHT

Issued and Paid-up Capital:

300,000,000 Baht comprising ordinary shares of 300,000,000

Par value:

1 BAHT per Share

Head Office:
55/22 M.3 Bang Bua Thong - Nonthaburi Bridge Road (345), Lam Pho Sub-District, Bang Bua Thong District, Nonthaburi 11110

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